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Pomoc při problémech se zatékáním do domu v Čechách a na Moravě

Zajišťujeme inspekční kontroly za účelem identifikace příčin vzniku zatékání. Díky modernímu termoviznímu měření a měření vlhkosti  dosahujeme přesných výsledků neinvazivní cestou. Součástí měření je i výstup shrnující  doporučená nápravná opatření.

Konzultace zdarma: 720 462 099

AKČNÍ NABÍDKA - při objednání služeb do 31.12.2023 mohou klienti využít měření vlhkosti zdiva ZDARMA 


We go anywhere in Prague and Central Bohemia. We will take care of you - our professional team will contact you within 48 hours. 

We go anywhere in Prague and Central Bohemia. We will take care of you - our professional team will contact you within 48 hours. 



Makedonská 599/3

190 00 Praha 9

Компания зарегистрирована в торговом реестре, который ведет Муниципальный суд в Праге, раздел C, вкладыш 375913. ​

Energo-Assistans s.r.o.

ID 177 42 404 ​

Telefon: +420 / 720 462 099

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720 462 099

Vedení společnosti

Ing. Ondřej Němec

Technický specialista


Ing. Filip Habr

Technický specialista

Mgr. Daniel Soška

Jednatel společnosti


Michal, Horoměřice

Thanks again for your help, I follow your advice and the mold has already disappeared. 

Karel, Rakovník

I recommend, Karel


Personal experience very good. Very detailed, structured technical work...I recommend, Luboš

Michal, Horoměřice

After years, we decided to find out why we have such high heating costs. So now we know

We used the Optimal service, satisfaction. Alca

Karel, Rakovník

I was expecting a quick run through the house with camera in hand, but the opposite was true….Very thorough and professional work by the technician and explanation of all questions…Thumbs up!

Mirek, Zruč

In addition to the overall inspection of the building with a camera, I appreciated the inspection of the radiators and their functionality. For me, great service. This winter there is a big difference in the effectiveness of the heating. Helpful technician... Mirek

Tatyana K.

Very fast and accurate help with water leaks on heated floors! Within a few tens of minutes, we were clear where the leak was. I personally had experience and dealt with Mr. Soška, and I was very satisfied.

Danuše, Čáslav

In the winter months, I was unpleasantly surprised by the penetration of winter into the interior of the newly added dining room. Although the contractor proved with thermal imaging images immediately after the completion of the construction with a protocol that the order was well executed, after the inspection by Energo ass. it was found that when the given pictures were taken by the construction company, the measuring equipment was deliberately manipulated in order to hide the errors that occurred during the construction. Despite, in the first phase, a resolute NO and an unpleasant argument on the part of the construction company, in the end, with the help of the expert assistance of Energo ass. And their opinion and the opposition managed to get the contractor to repair a part of the extension that was made incorrectly, which was a source of heat leaks and led to significant energy costs. Thank you very much once again for the personal approach and great help 😊


Professional approach. We got rid of the mold and the apartment is much warmer. I recommend


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