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Measurement progress

Very fast and accurate help with water leaks on heated floors! Within a few tens of minutes, we were clear where the leak was. I personally had experience and dealt with Mr. Soška, and I was very satisfied.

When measuring heat leaks, heat losses and reducing energy and heating costs, we rely on proven manufacturers FLIR and BOSCH. We use high precision cameras such as FLIR E52, FLIR E6 and BOSCH GTC 600. Humidity and CO2 meters are also an integral part. We also use drones for buildings that are more dimensionally demanding.

Concerns about thermal comfort in buildings do not end there

We also try to help our clients in other areas of thermodiagnostics. As other examples of thermal imaging, we can cite the application of measurements in all branches of industry, especially machine tools, presses, shears, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, road transport, handling equipment, cranes, engines, switchboards, hydraulic elements, pneumatic elements, gearboxes, etc.

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