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Professional thermovision measurement in the Czech Republic


Heat loss


PROMOTIONAL OFFER - clients who use thermal imaging services until 30.9.2024 get a FREE PLUS package containing the services listed below: 

masonry moisture measurement, carbon dioxide concentration measurement, window inspection (adjustment and insulation properties)


You can turn to us with confidence in situations you are dealing with

  • Problems with heat leaks in your home

  • Thermal imaging measurement with a thermal camera

  • Removing mold and solving problems with excessive humidity in the home

  • The efficiency of heating elements in indoor spaces with the help of thermal imaging

  • Functionality of solar panels

  • Locating rodents using a thermal camera (roofs, cellars, sheds, etc.)

  • Water leaking into the apartment or house

  • High energy costs and possible ways to save


Who we are

  • We are a purely Czech company based in Prague with local operations in all regions of the Czech Republic

  • Certified experts in industrial thermography and building thermodiagnostics

  • We use high-precision measuring devices of the proven brands BOSCH and FLIR.

  • We rely on a personal approach and individual care

  • We guarantee the execution of the order within 5 working days from the order

  • We offer an interesting discount program for regular customers


Long-term relationship and care

We always put the relationship with the client and their care first. The satisfaction of each client is a priority for us. Upon completion, individual measurements are accompanied by a verification phone call from the manager or the owner of the company. All measurements are provided with an output protocol that corresponds to the standards of the ČSN 73 0540-2 (730540) standard. We work effectively with our customers' feedback and use it for continuous improvement.



2490 CZK

  • Measurement of heat leakage with a high-resolution thermal camera including a thermal imaging protocol (up to 7 images, approx. 2 hours of work in the field)

  • Help to eliminate mold and solve problems with excessive humidity in the home

  • Identification of water leaks in heated floors

  • Locating rodents using a thermal camera (roofs, cellars, sheds, etc.)

  • Professional advice and consultation for 1 year free of charge

  • Diagnostics of the effectiveness of heating elements in indoor spaces and a proposal for their optimization

  • Checking the functionality and efficiency of solar panels

  • Checking the concentration of CO2 in the home

  • Inspection of radiators with a thermal camera (aeration/rust, etc.)

  • Overall analysis of the households energy demand, including a proposal for savings (in the vast majority of households, our proposed measures led to a reduction in household energy costs by more than 20%)



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Realizace zakázky

Termovizní měření, zjištění vadných stavů a konzultace nápravných opatření

Do you want to reduce energy costs and increase the thermal comfort of your home? We have a comprehensive solution for you.

Ideal for properties suffering from mould, heat leaks or, conversely, struggling with excessive temperatures in the summer months. 

With detailed experience in heat loss solutions, we are ready to provide effective and reliable solutions.

Are you interested in our comprehensive solutions?

Děkujeme za poptávku. Kontaktujeme Vás do 30 minut. Tým Energo-Assistance.

Zdvořile Vás prosíme o vyplnění telefonního kontaktu z důvodu efektivnější komunikace.


Our Vision

Our main goal is to help clients effectively reduce energy costs, which in the long term make up a significant part of family expenses. We try to achieve this purpose with the help of thermodiagnostics, or thermovision measurements, which, in combination with expert advice, help to ensure sufficient thermal comfort for customers with significantly lower energy consumption.


However, our help is much more comprehensive and is not limited only to heat and energy leaks. Our knowledge and expertise are important helpers in the field of managing problems with the occurrence of mold in the interior, diagnostics of the efficiency of heating elements in indoor spaces and proposals for their optimization and identification of water leaks in heated floors.

-Founder, director of the company

M.Sc. Daniel Soška






Energy saving

our clients

Measured hours

We will get back to you within 60 minutes

We are available for you

We know how to reduce energy costs


With regard to the constant development of technology, we try to bring our clients services that are useful for modern households, such as IoT installations that enable the improvement of operation and monitoring of heating and air conditioning at low investment and operating costs, or the control of the functionality and efficiency of solar panels. All services are performed with the help of top measuring thermovision technology.


The range of Energo assistance products is really rich, so do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we are here for you.


What they say about us


Michal, Horoměřice

Thanks again for your help, I follow your advice and the mold has already disappeared. 

Karel, Rakovník

I recommend, Karel


Personal experience very good. Very detailed, structured technical work...I recommend, Luboš

Michal, Horoměřice

After years, we decided to find out why we have such high heating costs. So now we know

We used the Optimal service, satisfaction. Alca

Karel, Rakovník

I was expecting a quick run through the house with camera in hand, but the opposite was true….Very thorough and professional work by the technician and explanation of all questions…Thumbs up!



We go anywhere in Prague and Central Bohemia. We will take care of you - our professional team will contact you within 48 hours. 


Company Management

Ing. Ondřej Němec

Technical Specialist


Ing. Filip Habr

Technical Specialist

Mgr. Daniel Soška

Managing Director

We go anywhere in Prague and Central Bohemia. We will take care of you - our professional team will contact you within 48 hours. 

Děkujeme za poptávku. Kontaktujeme Vás do 30 minut. Tým Energo-Assistance

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Zdvořile Vás prosíme o vyplnění telefonního kontaktu z důvodu efektivnější komunikace.


Makedonská 599/3

190 00 Praha 9

The company is registered in the commercial register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, insert 375913. 

Energo-Assistans s.r.o.

ID 177 42 404 ​

Telefon: +420 / 720 462 099

Inquiry form

720 462 099

Mirek, Zruč

In addition to the overall inspection of the building with a camera, I appreciated the inspection of the radiators and their functionality. For me, great service. This winter there is a big difference in the effectiveness of the heating. Helpful technician... Mirek

Tatyana K.

Very fast and accurate help with water leaks on heated floors! Within a few tens of minutes, we were clear where the leak was. I personally had experience and dealt with Mr. Soška, and I was very satisfied.

Danuše, Čáslav

In the winter months, I was unpleasantly surprised by the penetration of winter into the interior of the newly added dining room. Although the contractor proved with thermal imaging images immediately after the completion of the construction with a protocol that the order was well executed, after the inspection by Energo ass. it was found that when the given pictures were taken by the construction company, the measuring equipment was deliberately manipulated in order to hide the errors that occurred during the construction. Despite, in the first phase, a resolute NO and an unpleasant argument on the part of the construction company, in the end, with the help of the expert assistance of Energo ass. And their opinion and the opposition managed to get the contractor to repair a part of the extension that was made incorrectly, which was a source of heat leaks and led to significant energy costs. Thank you very much once again for the personal approach and great help 😊


Professional approach. We got rid of the mold and the apartment is much warmer. I recommend

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