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Odstranění plísní včetně termovizní a vlhkostní diagnostiky příčin vzniku.

Zajišťujeme odborné odstranění plísní včetně termovizní a vlhkostní diagnostiky s cílem zamezit recidivě vadných stavů. Využíváme profesionálních prostředků k likvidaci plísní a moderních přístrojů k identifikaci příčin vzniku ložisek plísní. 

pretty blonde woman with mouth nose mask cleans mold from dirty apartment wall_edited_edit

Využijte výhodné slevy 25% na odstranění plísní, platí do 31.8.2024 

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Pátráte marně po zdroji zápachu v bytě? Cítíte pach i po opětovném odstranění plísní? 

Máme pro Vás řešení:

Diagnostický stěr zaměřený na přítomnost organického znečištění povrchů

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Zavolejte nám, nebo odešlete kontaktní formulář

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Příprava cenové nabídky


Kontaktujeme vás a představíme návrh dalších kroků

Představíme vám nabídku našich služeb včetně cenové kalkulace

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Realizace zakázky

Zjištění vadných stavů, konzultace nápravných opatření, odstranění plísní

Online pricing



Briefly describe what is bothering you and provide basic information (extent, progress, means used...etc.)

Add photos of affected areas/beds of mold via your preferred application and send to:

E-mail :


734 511 077

We will contact you within 90 minutes with a specific price


720 462 099

Emphasis on the analysis of the causes and subsequent individual solutions
We work with proven biocidal and fungicidal preparations that ensure a long-lasting effect. Our methods are based first on a thorough analysis of the defective condition and identification of the causes of its occurrence. The removal of mold deposits is accompanied by the application of fungicidal thermal insulation coatings ensuring comprehensive care of the renovated surfaces.

Michal, Horoměřice

Thanks again for your help, I follow your advice and the mold has already disappeared. 

Karel, Rakovník

I recommend, Karel


Personal experience very good. Very detailed, structured technical work...I recommend, Luboš

Horáková Alena

After years, we decided to find out why we have such high heating costs. So now we know

We used the Optimal service, satisfaction. Alca

Karel, Rakovník

I was expecting a quick run through the house with camera in hand, but the opposite was true….Very thorough and professional work by the technician and explanation of all questions…Thumbs up!



We go anywhere in Prague and Central Bohemia. We will take care of you - our professional team will contact you within 48 hours. 


We go anywhere in Prague and Central Bohemia. We will take care of you - our professional team will contact you within 48 hours. 

Děkujeme za poptávku. Kontaktujeme Vás do 30 minut. Tým Energo-Assistance.

We kindly ask you to fill in the telephone contact for more effective communication.

By sending the request form, I confirm that I have familiarized myself with the information on the protection of personal data *


Macedonian 599/3

190 00 Prague 9

The company is registered in the commercial register, maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, insert 375913

Energo-Assistance s.r.o

ID 177 42 404

Phone: +420 / 720 462 099

Inquiry form

720 462 099

Company management

Ing. Ondrej Némec

Technical specialist


Ing. Philip Habr

Technical specialist

M.Sc. Daniel Soška


Mirek, Zruč

In addition to the overall inspection of the building with a camera, I appreciated the inspection of the radiators and their functionality. For me, great service. This winter there is a big difference in the effectiveness of the heating. Helpful technician... Mirek

Tatyana K.

Very fast and accurate help with water leaks on heated floors! Within a few tens of minutes, we were clear where the leak was. I personally had experience and dealt with Mr. Soška, and I was very satisfied.

Danuše, Čáslav

In the winter months, I was unpleasantly surprised by the penetration of winter into the interior of the newly added dining room. Although the contractor proved with thermal imaging images immediately after the completion of the construction with a protocol that the order was well executed, after the inspection by Energo ass. it was found that when the given pictures were taken by the construction company, the measuring equipment was deliberately manipulated in order to hide the errors that occurred during the construction. Despite, in the first phase, a resolute NO and an unpleasant argument on the part of the construction company, in the end, with the help of the expert assistance of Energo ass. And their opinion and the opposition managed to get the contractor to repair a part of the extension that was made incorrectly, which was a source of heat leaks and led to significant energy costs. Thank you very much once again for the personal approach and great help 😊


Professional approach. We got rid of the mold and the apartment is much warmer. I recommend

Removal of mold, including thermovision and moisture diagnosis of the causes.

We provide professional mold removal, including thermal imaging and moisture diagnostics, with the aim of preventing the recurrence of defective conditions. We use professional means to eliminate mold and modern devices to identify the causes of mold deposits.

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Take advantage of a favorable discount of 25% on mold removal, valid until 31.8.2024 (start of the campaign on 1.5.2024)

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Are you searching in vain for the source of the smell in the apartment? Do you still smell after removing the mold again? Do you want to check the cleanliness and health conditions in your home?

We have a solution for you:

Diagnostic smear focused on the presence of organic contamination of surfaces

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