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  • 4,000€
    Every year


2490 CZK

  • Measurement of heat leakage with a high-resolution thermal camera including a thermal imaging protocol (up to 7 images, approx. 2 hours of work in the field)

  • Help to eliminate mold and solve problems with excessive humidity in the home

  • Identification of water leaks in heated floors

  • Locating rodents using a thermal camera (roofs, cellars, sheds, etc.)

  • Professional advice and consultation for 1 year free of charge

  • Diagnostics of the effectiveness of heating elements in indoor spaces and a proposal for their optimization

  • Checking the functionality and efficiency of solar panels

  • Checking the concentration of CO2 in the home

  • Inspection of radiators with a thermal camera (aeration/rust, etc.)

  • Overall analysis of the households energy demand, including a proposal for savings (in the vast majority of households, our proposed measures led to a reduction in household energy costs by more than 20%)

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