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Terms of Personal Data Protection

IČO 177 42 404 , which is the operator of this website, considers the protection and confidentiality of personal data
data as very important, and as a personal data manager, he takes care of the processing of personal data in accordance with the regulation
of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal
data and the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR").

Identity and contact details of the personal data controller

IČO 177 42 404 is the administrator of personal data primarily in relation to the personal data of authorized or
contact persons of customers and potential customers. These personal data are processed and stored in
customer database. Furthermore, it is also the administrator in relation to the personal data of employees and its business

If you have any questions regarding the processing and protection of your personal data, it is possible to exercise your rights in
in the area of personal data, contact us personally at
to In case of doubt about your identity, we can ask you
about additional verification of your identity.

What personal data do we process and why?
IČO 177 42 404 processes personal data exclusively for the purpose of providing its services to customers, insurance
legitimate interests and fulfillment of legal obligations. We aim to process only up-to-date and accurate personal data.
Therefore, please inform us of any changes to your personal data that you have provided to us.

Personal data that we process about employees, statutory representatives, contacts and authorized persons
persons, customers or potential customers, we first obtain it directly from the data subject at the time of closing
contract, possibly communicated by the data subject even later during the duration of the contractual relationship. All personal data,
which arise from the initiative of our mutual communication and interaction, are managed by an internal system of personal protection

As part of our activity, we process various types of information, which, however, can generally be divided into the following
(a) Identification data, which include, in particular, title, first name, surname, job title, address for the purpose of
a conclusion of the contract;
(b) Contact data, including telephone number, email address and electronic work address
mail to the workplace for the purpose of confirming the conclusion of the contract, performing services and ensuring communication within the framework
business dealings;
(c) Data included in the communication, which includes in particular any personal data provided by the employee,
statutory bodies, authorized or contact persons of business partners, customers and potential customers
customers in the course of their dealings with us, including any contact that took place between us, whether in person,
by telephone, e-mail or online, but also the content of the communication with the given person (the content of the e-mail
communication) and the scope and method of the service provided;

We process the largest part of personal data for the purpose of providing cleaning services and ensuring client security
service to our customers. Providing the customers personal data is a contractual obligation. Personal data and other data
to the extent mentioned above, they may be processed for the purpose of communicating with the subject via

by email, phone call, postal correspondence or sending an SMS in matters related to settlement
orders / complaints / requests of the subject.

For the purpose of safe and proper execution of the contract, i.e. for example to verify an instruction from an authorized person
customer, we may process identification data, contact data and transaction data. Providing these
personal data is a contractual obligation, and failure to provide it would prevent us from effectively and securely fulfilling the contract
with the client.

For the purpose of offering our related services, establishing, maintaining and deepening business relationships and
contacts with our business partners, customers, i.e. for the purpose of sending commercial and other
non-commercial offers, we may process identification data and contact data of statutory representatives,
authorized or contact persons of customers. The provision of personal data in this case is not even legal
contractual obligations and their failure to provide does not have negative consequences for the person concerned.

Legal regulations and legislation of the Czech Republic also oblige us to process personal data in certain cases.
This is typically the retention of data in accordance with legal requirements (tax regulations).

We process the personal data of our employees for the purpose of fulfilling the employers legal obligations and
management of the personnel and payroll agenda. In the case of a successful job applicant, we process personal data
applicants for our needs in the recruitment of employees, so that we can sign employment contracts with the applicants

Ensuring the protection of customers; personal data
We observe technical, personnel and other necessary measures to prevent unauthorized or accidental
access to personal data, their alteration, destruction or loss, unauthorized transfers, their other
unauthorized processing, as well as other misuse of personal data.

We provide our services only through persons who provide their personal and professional qualities
sufficient guarantees of proper compliance with the terms of handling personal data.

We have trained our employees on the inviolability of the belongings of our customers and third parties, so that there is none
loss or misuse of data. In particular, employees may not view written documents that are stored in the premises, in
which are being cleaned, may not make descriptions or extracts from these documents, however capture data in the premises.

We maintain confidentiality about personal data and security measures, the disclosure of which would endanger
security of personal data, even after termination of the contract.

Period and method of retention of personal data
We process and store personal data of customers and third parties for the period necessary to ensure all
rights and obligations arising from the contract, and also for the period during which we are obliged to store the data according to general
binding legal regulations.


After this period, we are entitled to process your personal data only for compatible purposes or for special purposes
purposes (archiving or statistics).

We store personal data electronically exclusively on the facilities of  ID 177 42 404 number or with our trusted ones
partners and physically only in Energo assistance premises and under the supervision of responsible persons.

Rights of persons whose data is processed
You have the right to ask us for confirmation as to whether we are processing personal data concerning you. In relevant
cases, you can contact the IČO 177 42 404 in order to exercise your right of access to personal data
data, correction of inaccurate data, completion of incomplete data or deletion, or restriction of processing. You have
the right to object to processing, the exercise of the right to data portability and other rights in general
regulation on the protection of personal data.

If you are convinced that we are not handling your data adequately and in accordance with legal standards, you have the option to file a
complaint to the supervisory authority, which is the Office for the Protection of Personal Data, with registered office at Makedonská 599/3, Prague 9,Postal code 190 00, or via the website:

Changes to these rules
We regularly review this document and reserve the right to change it. If there are changes to the rules s
impact on your rights, we will notify you in an appropriate way.

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